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What Our Clients Say
Lisa did an incredible job making our house a home. She modernised it and upgraded it to perfection, according to what we wanted. She has an amazing eye for detail and is extensively networked, finding the right people for every part of the job. Lisa monitors, organises and manages the renovation from start to finish. She kept us up to date every step of the way and made sure that all the role players did their bit as they should. She created wonderful mood boards so we could see an actual design of what we wanted, down to the sample fabrics. Importantly, Lisa was able to source items to meet our budget without complaint or fuss. even after the work was complete, Lisa ensured that all snags were attended to. We have made use of her services on two further occasions and likewise, very happy with her work.
Anja & Roy
The magnitude of Lisa's skill, creative genius and productive capability, really becomes apparent in the results. Living or working in the environment that she has transformed, bares it's soul more and more, layer for layer, with time. It is a symbiotic relationship that takes place between the people and the place. As a Holistic Therapist I consulted with Lisa to help create my therapy space. Somehow, her astute observational skills combined with her authentic curiosity about life in it's multifaceted forms, she managed to nail my essence and replicate it with her choices. She not only has the mind and heart for spaces, but also impressed me with her ability to apply mathematical applications to her production line.
Her work has continued to facilitate ME.
Mavourneen Finlayson
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